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Alimak Group

Alimak is a market leader in vertical access solutions for the construction sector. In Australia, Alimak’s building maintenance systems are represented by the Manntech and Cox Gomyl brands.

AS Services partners with Manntech and Cox Gomyl in Australia to support their activities in all capital cities.

An overview  of AS Services support activities with Manntech and Cox Gomyl:

    • Fabrication of  Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) support structure and tracking components
    • Building Maintenance Unit and support structure installation
    • Inspection, servicing and maintenance of in-service Building Maintenance Units
    • Removal and replacement of existing Building Maintenance Units

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Power Climber

Power climber is a world leader in the engineering and manufacturing of hoists, suspended platforms and rigging equipment since 1972. Based in North America, they supply products

To support Power Climbers operations in Australia and South-East Asia, AS Services offer:

    • New product sales and support for traction hoists and swing stages
    • Hoist inspection and servicing
    • Manufacturer’s training
    • Hoist testing and rebuilds
    • A large range of spare parts

Visit the Power Climber (Belgium) website