Complete Facade Access Solutions

AS Services provides comprehensive facade and atrium access solutions to a broad range of customers and industrial sectors. With a range that includes Building Maintenance Units, Permanent and Removable Davits Arms, Monorails and Portable Roof Needles, AS Services has a solution for all of your facade access requirements.

Working with Project Managers on new installations and Building Maintenance Managers on existing buildings, we can work safely and with minimal disruption to occupants through the use of our innovative lifting and installation processes.

Building Maintenance Units

Building Maintenance Units (BMUs) are a critical part of a building’s overall maintenance system. BMU’s allow activities like window cleaning, glass replacement and facade painting to be undertaken safely and efficiently. AS Services partner with leading BMU manufacturers from around the world to install equipment that is safe to operate and maintain over the course of the BMU’s lifespan. We offer:

  • Inspection and Maintenance Services;
  • Track Repair and replacement;
  • Installation of new Building Maintenance Units and;
  • Decommissioning and removal of existing BMU’S;

AS Services is the number one Australasian providers for your vertical lifting requirements. We provide inspection, maintenance, testing, installation, supply and technical training for a broad range of products from our respected OEM partners, all major height access manufacturers and fabricated products across a wide range of vertical lifting applications.

Davit Arms, Monorails and Fixed Anchors for Rope Access and Swing Stages

AS Services design, manufacture and install its own range of proprietary access products to fulfil your height access requirements. Our anchor points are perfectly suited for use on their own, or in conjunction with BMU’s, to provide a complete building maintenance system solution.

  • Permanent and Removable davit arms
  • Temporary access points
  • Fixed anchor points
  • Monorails and associated rope access anchors

All of AS Services’ height access equipment is designed and tested to Australian Standards. All rope access and fall protection anchors are testing and commissioned in accordance with AS 1891 “Industrial fall-arrest systems and devices” and AS/NZS 4488 “Industrial rope access systems.”