Power Climber

AS Services is the sole authorised agent in the Asia-Pacific region for sales, maintenance, training and spare parts of Power Climber, Power Climber Wind and Dual Lift products.

Power Climber has been engineering and manufacturing hoists, platforms, rigging equipment, safety gear and accessories for the suspended access industry since 1972. Power Climber Titan Personnel Hoists range from 500kg to 650kg lifting capacity and Atlas Personnel Hoists and accessories. AS Services provide specialised technical training for Power Climber Atlas and Titan Personnel Hoist, as well as OEM, certified compliance inspection, maintenance and repair, load and operation testing both on-site and in-house, installations, spare parts and accessories.

Power Climber Wind designs and manufactures the most reliable Wind Turbine Service Lifts to improve technician safety, productivity and retention. Power Climber Wind’s innovative access solutions enable quick, safe and reliable access inside a turbine tower, meaning greater efficiency, lower cost of operation and maintenance costs for the turbine owner and operator. AS Services has extensive product knowledge of Power Climber Wind Turbine Service Lifts (TSL’s) and provides all services to these products.

Dual Lift offers a range of hoisting solutions from the UpPro, UpPro2514 and Up-Pro Cargo hoists with a lifting range of between 400kg and up to 2000kg to the Up-Lite Cargo hoist with a range of between 100-500kg. Dual Lift has the hoist for any application. Dual Lift also provides Up-Safe Safety Devices, Ropes with drums and reels, controllers both wired and wireless and more customisable options to suit your needs.


AS Services is also an active partner with Liftket, a high-quality provider of electric chain hoists with the capacity to lift loads of up to 25 tonnes and have certified OEM training to install, inspect, load test and maintain Liftket products on-site and in-house at our dedicated tech services facility.

Other Major Partners

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