AS Services were contracted to provide galvansied steel pipe bridges and racking for a dairy production facility in Stanhope, rural Victoria.


The structural steel fabrication and installation consisted of:

  • One central pipe pipe bridge, 85 metres long, elevated 6.5m above road level
  • Two additional pipe racks mounted to existing walls, both 20 metres long
  • Production of all detailed workshop drawings
  • Site mark-out
  • Steelwork installation
  • Site management, work permits, lift plans and other safety management documentation in accordance with AS Services management procedures

In total, 30 tonnes of hot-dip galvanised structural steel was fabricated and transported to site for a staged installation over a three month period.

Outcome & Value

AS Services were able to suggest a number of alterations as part of the initial design review that resulted in improved manufacturability and reduced cost.

For site installation, modular prefabricated sections were bolted together  before being lifted in place as 40 metre sections. During the site assembly process, AS Services were able to work in conjunction with facility staff who were welding pipework sections together prior to the pipe bridges being lifted into place. Completing the additional work at ground level providing a safer and more efficient work method.

At completion of the project, AS Services we able to deliver a project with:

  • Zero safety or environmental incidents
  • Handover within the agreed time frame