AS Services offer a complete after-sales service for fall restraint, fall arrest and building maintenance systems. All of our inspection and maintenance staff have detailed experience with facade access and height safety systems, meaning AS services are able to offer a full range of inspection, load testing and repair services.

Building Maintenance Unit routine and periodic inspections to AS2550.13

Building Maintenance Units are classified as high risk plant by state WHS authorities. It is the BMU owner’s responsibility to ensure the unit remains in a safe working condition. BMU’s fall under the crane code AS1418.13 “Cranes, hoists and winches Part 13: Building maintenance units”, meaning that they are expected to be routinely inspected every 12 weeks, with an additional, more thorough, periodic inspection occurring annually in accordance with the “Cranes – Safe Use” Australian Standards.

AS Services employ full time electrical contractors, experienced in the operation and maintenance requirements for BMU’s, for its inspection and maintenance services. We have the support of manufacturer’s resources to ensure that machines are inspected thoroughly and accurately, with minimal down-time.

Inspection and certification of fall protection systems to AS1891.4

AS Services provide a full range of inspection, testing and certification services for fixed anchor points and horizontal lifelines. With specialised load testing equipment, we are able to safely undertake proof load testing, where appropriate, as part of the re-certification process. With all of our on-site technicians having a detailed understanding of fall protection design and operation, AS Services is able to ensure that each fall restraint and fall arrest system is able to be safely accessed and utilised.