Stainless Steel, Structural Steel, Aluminium and Architectural

AS Services offer a range of fabrication services, including general fabrication, structural steel, stainless steel or aluminium on any scale. Originally specialising in height access solutions including platforms, handrails, stairs and ladders, AS Services capabilities have extended to structural steel fabrication, quarries and utility maintenance services.

Engineered Solutions for Height Access

The business was founded on the supply and installation of fall restraint and fall arrest systems. With a strong understanding of the operating principles that underpin the use of fall protection systems, we can integrate our engineered bollards, anchor points and associated support structures with components from leading suppliers to suit your project requirements.

Our anchor point fabrication and testing are carried out to Australian Standards and in accordance with our stringent quality management procedures.

Pipe spools, Manifolds, Duct Work and Pipe Bridges

AS Services manufacture and install pipe spools and manifolds for mining/quarrying, primary industry and water treatment applications.

We also design and construct support structures in structural and stainless steel to support new pipework installations, from small projects spanning between two buildings to large prefabricated modules up to 30 metres long.

We can also supply and install ducting in Galvanised sheet metal or stainless steel for pressure relief and dust extraction. Featuring options such as internal louvres or flap valves we can make to your project-specific requirement.