Wind Turbine Generators

AS Services offers inspection and maintenance to the internal components and accessories of wind turbines, installation and commissioning and service of wind turbines internal access equipment such as turbine service lifts and climb-assist systems.

AS Services’ Service management system enables our teams to efficiently service wind turbine’s with reduced downtime and matches or exceed clientele expectations for service lead times which in turn reduce overall costs for the customer.

In addition to installations, inspecting, maintaining and testing service lifts and climb assist systems, AS Services performs scheduled annual servicing and compliance tests and commissioning of ladders, nacelle chain hoists, hoist & jib cranes, tower platforms, fixed anchor points, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, rescue kit, fall arrest systems and other electrical, mechanical and structural components of the wind turbine generator to OEM certified specifications.

AS Services is a major national service provider on the inspection, maintenance and testing of Wind Turbine’s and components and is currently contracted for the ongoing maintenance and inspections of over 1700 wind turbines in Australia and New Zealand with extensive experience with many of the major manufacturers.

Access Safety Services are operating as the authorised agent for sales, maintenance, training and spare parts for all Power Climber Wind products in the Asian and Australasian wind energy sector.

Supported Power Climber Wind Products

  • Turbine Service Lifts
  • IBEX ® Climb Assist System
  • Blade Access Platform 360 (BAP)
  • Tower Access Platform (TAP)